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Finding the Health Clubs for the 50+ Crowd

Health clubs are no longer just for the young and buff. Many are geared toward older adults.

Miriam decided to join a health club after knee replacement surgery. She did not want to be around sweaty weight lifters and staff who talked about the latest fashion. At 77, she was looking for a comfortable environment.

Fortunately, Miriam found that health clubs have changed a lot over the years. "It is very, very, comfortable," she says of her new club. "It has a knowledgeable staff and programs for all ages."

There are many reasons to exercise—for health benefits, social life, or stress relief. The good news is there are health clubs that focus on the needs of older adults.

You Are Not Alone

If you prefer to work out with more older adults, here are some steps to take:

Just for You

Think about your needs. You may want to try:

Proper training is important. You need to be comfortable with the exercises. Your exercise routine should match your abilities and goals.

Many health clubs also offer special programs for older adults. Try a sample of different activities. Get a balance of strength and cardio. Also talk to instructors about other classes that may fit your interest and fitness level.

Before You Begin

Before you sign up for a health club:

Monthly fees for health clubs can vary greatly. There may also be fees for different services, classes, or to use certain areas—such as a pool or racquetball court. Check for discounts for older adults from the gym, or from your insurance company. Be careful not to pay for more than what you will need or use.

Beginning an exercise program can be a big task. Finding the right health club will get you one step closer to your fitness goals. And you may have fun in the process.


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