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Getting Help to Pay for Prescriptions

medications_rx_cost_prescription_drugs While Medicare’s drug plan (Part D) was designed to cut drug costs for seniors and people with disabilities, you may find yourself still struggling to pay for your prescriptions. There are other government programs and organizations that provide pharmaceutical assistance beyond what Medicare offers.

As you do your homework to learn more about your drug coverage, you may also want to look into these potential cost-saving options.

Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration offers a program to help pay for expenses related to Part D, including:

This program is available to people who meet certain criteria, such as:

To learn more and apply for extra help, visit the Social Security website.

State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (SPAPs)

Most states offer an assistance program to help Medicare members pay for prescriptions. These programs vary from state to state, but they are designed to ease the burden of prescription drug costs for lower-income people.

Visit the Medicare website to learn more about the assistance program that is available in your state.

Other Cost-Saving Options

While you are researching ways to cut prescription costs, it may be worthwhile to also visit these sites:

If you feel overwhelmed by the high cost of your prescriptions, reach out for help. There are a range of programs that can be used in combination with Part D.



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