Milk Thistle

Supplement Forms/Alternate Names:

Silymarin, silybum marianum, Mary thistle, holy thistle


Milk thistle is a spiky green plant. Silymarin is a compound found in its seeds. It has been used to lower cholesterol and improve liver function. Milk thistle can be taken as a pill, powder, or extract. It can also be applied as a cream.


150 milligrams 2 to 3 times daily

What Research Shows

Likely Effective

May Be Effective

May Not Be Effective

  • Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis —may not ease symptoms G1

Not Enough Data to Assess

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Safety Notes

It is likely safe to take milk thistle and to use it on the skin for a short time. Not enough studies have been done to say whether it is safe to use for a long period or by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.H3


Talk to your doctor about any supplements or therapy you would like to use. Some can interfere with treatment or make conditions worse, such as:

  • People taking antibiotics should talk to their doctor before taking milk thistle. It may make the medicine less effective.H4
  • People taking blood thinners should talk to their doctor before taking milk thistle. It may increase the risk of bleeding.H2
  • People taking antiretroviral medicine should talk to their doctor before taking milk thistle. It may interact with the medicine.H1


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B. Breastfeeding Support

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C. Decompensated Liver Cirrhosis

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D. Diabetes

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E. Dyslipidemia

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F. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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G. Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

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H. Safety

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I. Trichotillomania

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J. Ulcerative Colitis

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