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Caring for Your Newborn: When to Call the Doctor

Image for new baby article If you’re a new mom or dad, you probably have only one main concern—the health of your newborn. It’s only natural to worry. But, one way you can decrease any worries is to arm yourself with information. Learn what symptoms to be on alert for and when to get medical care.

First Things First

Get accustomed to your newborn’s usual routine. For example, how often does your baby eat and sleep? How many times do you usually need to change a diaper in one day? How does your baby normally respond to you? Your baby’s typical behavior will help you to determine if your baby is feeling fine or if something is wrong.

Also, go with your instinct. If you think your baby may be ill, call the doctor right away. It is common for parents of newborns to call the pediatrician with questions and concerns. So, don’t hesitate to get expert advice.

Be Prepared

You will feel more in control if you already have the following medical information close at hand:

If you do need to call the doctor, be prepared for any questions that you may be asked, such as:

Also, keep in mind that you may need to write down any instructions that the nurse or doctor gives you. So, have a pen and paper handy.

Another way you can be prepared is by learning first aid and CPR for infants. The hospital may offer these classes or you can check online ( American Red Cross or the American Heart Association).

Medical Concerns

Call the doctor if your newborn:

If your newborn has any of the following, call your doctor immediately:

If you are extremely concerned and you think the situation is an emergency, call for emergency medical services right away .

You can care for your newborn’s health by knowing which symptoms to watch out for and by being prepared if medical care is needed. Remember that many moms and dads have felt the same way you do and have reached out for help and guidance from doctors and nurses. If at any time you feel concerned about your little one’s health, call the doctor.


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Last reviewed March 2017 by Michael Woods, MD, FAAP  Last Updated: 3/16/2015