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Easy Bruising

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Easy bruising means minor bumps or injuries cause the skin to turn blue or yellow. The bruises can also be painful and raised. Ice packs can help ease bruising. Bruising often gets better on its own. Natural therapies have not been used to treat bruises.

Natural Therapies

May Not Be Effective

  • Arnica may not ease bruising.A1, A4

Not Enough Data to Assess

  • Hydrogen peroxide B1
  • Nutritional supplements A2
  • Vitamin K oxide A3
  • Zingiber cassumunar A5

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Herbs and Supplements to Be Used With Caution

Talk to your doctor about all herbs or pills you are taking. Some may get in the way of your treatment or other health problems you may have.



Herbs and Supplements

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B. Other Therapies

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