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Business Travel: Leaving the Little Ones Behind

Business travel has special challenges and opportunities for parents.

Business trips can be a chance see more of the world. But for many of business travelers, a trip means missed moments with family. Here are some tips on helping your family cope.

Practice Good Communication

Business travel can be a positive family experience. It begins with good communication and sensitivity to your family's feelings.

Speak with your partner before the trip. Discuss any feelings, frustrations, and expectations about the trip. The discussion should include:

If parents do not agree on these matters, children will notice. This may make them even more upset about the trip.

Before the Trip

Here are some tips to help your child prepare for your business trip.

During the Journey

Here are some tips to use during the journey:

Returning Home

Even when travelers are happy to come home, it can be stressful. If the parent was gone for a long time, the child got used to life with one parent. The child may need time to adjust again.Talk about whatever is on the child's mind.

The next time you travel for business, make it a positive experience. Find interesting things to share about distant places. Start some new traditions. It will help bring your family closer together.


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