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Healthful Snacking: Is It Possible?

Snacking can allow unwanted calories, excess fat, and refined sugar to creep into your diet. But it doesn't have to be this way. Instead, snacking can be a great way to get extra nutrients, hold you over until your next meal, and give you an energy boost in the middle of the day.

Getting Started Snacking

Healthful snacking requires more planning and effort than a trip to the vending machine. But it is worth it. The American Dietetic Association offers some guidelines to help make snacking work for you:

Smart Snack Choices

What makes a snack smart? First, it should be easy to make and simple to pack for a person on the go. Second, it must be rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories. And third, and probably most importantly, it must be delicious to eat.

Try some of these smart snacks ideas:

There are other snacking options out there. Just find the snacks that work for you. But keep it smart—make sure your choices are nutritionally dense, low in calories, and tasty.


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