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X-ray images are like photos of the inside of your body.

But, x-ray videos can be made as well. They’re made during a procedure called “fluoroscopy.”

One reason your doctor may give you a fluoroscopy exam is to find out if you have certain diseases, such as problems in your digestive tract.

A second reason your doctor may use fluoroscopy is to perform a procedure, such as a spinal tap.

A third reason is to find, locate, and identify a foreign object in your body.

There are several types of fluoroscopy machines.

A fluoroscope may be fixed in place in a special shielded room.

Or, it may be a portable machine that can be moved to you, if needed.

A computed tomography, or CT scan machine can also be used as a fluoroscope to see “slices” through the body as the images are taken.

Before a fluoroscopy procedure, you may be given a contrast substance. It may be in a drink, a paste, a pill, or an injection.

During the procedure, you will lie or stand on an x-ray table.

An x-ray tube will be aimed at the body part to be examined.

Then, an x-ray beam will pass through a part of the fluoroscope that shapes the beam to just the area of your body being studied.

This helps reduce your exposure to x-rays.

After the beam passes through your body, it will be converted into a video seen on a monitor screen.

If you received a contrast substance, it will make the structures stand out better on the screen.

If you have any questions about fluoroscopy, talk to your doctor.