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Treatment for Obesity - Life Style Changes


Treatment for obesity, lifestyle changes.

If you are having trouble with obesity, lifestyle changes can help you lose weight.

Its important to reduce your energy in, which is the amount of calories in the food you eat.

And to increase your energy out, which is the amount of calories your body burns during physical activity.

You can reduce the amount of extra calories in you diet by

making healthy food choices such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains,

and lean meats.

Limiting unhealthy snacks and desserts.

Avoiding high calorie fast food by preparing food at home instead.

Eating smaller portion sizes.

Eating foods that are lower in fat,

and reading food nutrition labels to help you learn more about the foods you are eating and make better choices.

Increasing your energy out throw physical activity can also help you loose weight.

If you aren’t used to exercising, start slowly with moderate-intensity activities.

Over time, you can move on to more vigorous activities.

If you have any questions about lifestyle changes to treat obesity, talk to your healthcare provider.