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Healthy Traveling With Allergies

Image for allergies and traveling articleYour vacation has finally arrived! Now is the chance to get away from it all. Unfortunately, you cannot take a vacation from your allergies.

If you travel, be aware of allergy flares. They can happen due to a change in climate, pollen levels, and places to stay. You cannot allergy-proof your vacation. However, you can take steps to reduce the effects of allergies.

Before You Leave

Research where and when you want to take your vacation. Choose a time and place that will not make your allergies worse. Consider these tips:

No matter how you travel, you can reduce your exposure to allergens.

Traveling by Car

Follow these steps can make your car allergy-friendly:

Traveling by Plane

These steps can help if you are traveling by plane:

At the Hotel

Hotels may have dust mites and molds. They can live in the carpet, bedding, and upholstered furniture. To reduce your risk of these irritants in your room:

At Your Destination

Try to have a flexible schedule that considers your allergies. On some days, you may have to change your plans. It depends on your symptoms. Keep track of the local pollen count. When pollen counts are high, consider an indoor activity. For example, you could go to an art museum or visit a historical building. Ask the hotel’s concierge for some ideas.


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