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Parasites, Intestinal

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Intestinal parasites are small organisms that live in the digestive tract and cause illness. They can cause nausea, fever, vomiting, and belly pain.

It is treated with medicine. Some people turn to natural therapies to treat intestinal parasites. They should not be used instead of standard treatment.

Natural Therapies

Not Enough Data to Assess

  • Papaya A1

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Herbs and Supplements to Be Used With Caution

Talk to your doctor about any supplements or therapy you would like to use. Some can interfere with treatment or make conditions worse. For example, papaya should not be taken by people with high blood pressure. It may interact with their medicines.



Herbs and Supplements

A1. Okeniyi JA, Ogunlesi TA, et al. Effectiveness of dried Carica papaya seeds against human intestinal parasitosis: a pilot study. J Med Food. 2007;10(1):194-196.

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