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Night Vision (Impaired)

Night vision (impaired) is a problem seeing at night or in areas with low light.

It is treated based on the cause. Eyeglasses, medicine, or surgery may be needed. Some people turn to natural therapies to help improve their vision.

Natural Therapies

May Be Effective

Lutein is a compound found in green vegetables, yellow vegetables, and egg yolks. It may help improve impaired night vision.A1

May Not Be Effective

Bilberry is a bush with berries and leaves that have been used for health reasons. It may not improve impaired night vision.A3

Not Enough Data to Assess

  • Fish Oil A2
  • Vitamin A A2

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Herbs and Supplements to Be Used With Caution

Talk to your doctor about any supplements or therapy you would like to use. Some can interfere with treatment or make conditions worse.



Herbs and Supplements

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