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General Overview

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a wide range of developmental brain disorders. The most common symptoms associated with ASD are difficutlies with social interactions, communication, and repetitive behavior but the severity of symptoms can vary greatly. At one time ASD was split into several different conditions based on the severity of symptoms such as Asperger Syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, or pervasive development disorder but they are now all included under the ASD umbrella.


ASD Symptoms

Could it be ASD? Learn the Signs.

Children develop at their own rate but certain developmental delays may suggest conditions that require treatment.

Sensory Problems in Children

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is a misinterpretation of these sensory signals that causes an overreaction or under-reaction that can interfere with daily function. SPD is common in children with ASD.

Living With ASD

motherchildRaising a Child With ASD: The Basics

Caring for a child with ASD can be a challenge. But a few basic guidelines may make things easier for you and your child.

Behavior Management for Children with ASD

Traditional discipline may not be effective for children with ASD. Learn why and what alternatives may be available.

Health Services for Children with ASD

Children with ASD have complex healthcare needs including physical, mental, and developmental factors. Building a team for your child's unique needs can help your child meet challenges as they grow.

School-based Services for Children with ASD

School-based services can be a tool to support your child in an academic setting.

Wandering in Children with ASD

A combination of poor social and communication skills and difficulty with safety awareness can lead to wandering dangers in children with ASD. Some basic steps can help keep them safe.

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