Acrochordons are harmless skin growths that hang off the skin. They are more also known as skin tags.

hanging skin tag

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Skin tags are collagen fibers and blood vessels that are surrounded by a thin layer of skin. It is not clear what causes them.

Risk Factors

Factors that raise your risk of getting skin tags are:


Skin tags appear as flesh-colored skin growths. They are small, but can range in size from 1 millimeter to 5 centimeters. They are often found in folds of the skin, such as the arm pit, neck, or groin. They don't cause symptoms, even after they appear.


You will be asked about your symptoms and health history. A physical exam will be done. Most skin tags can be diagnosed without tests. In some cases, a skin biopsy may be needed to rule out other problems.


Most of the time, no treatment is needed. Skin tags can be watched. The skin tags should be removed if they are bothering you.

Removal options include the following:

  • Cryosurgery
  • Surgical removal
  • Electrosurgery
  • Ligation


Skin tags can't be prevented.


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