Some people may need surgery for hearing loss. Options are:

Stapedectomy —This uses small tools and a microscope to treat otosclerosis. The stapes bone is taken out and replaced with a man-made one. Hearing may be better right away. Some bleeding behind the eardrum may limit hearing in some people. Hearing should be much better 10 days to 2 weeks after surgery.

Tympanoplasty —Small tools and a microscope are used to make a graft of ear tissue to close a hole in the eardrum. It takes several weeks to find out whether surgery helped hearing loss. Full healing takes about 4 weeks.

Myringotomy and tubes (also called tympanostomy and tubes)—A small cut is made in the eardrum so that fluid (blood, pus, and/or water) can be drained from the middle ear. A tube is often placed to allow it to keep draining. It is most often done in children. Full healing should come back in about 4 weeks. The tubes will fall out on their own in 6 to 12 months. Some people may need to have them taken out if this does not happen.

Surgery may also be used to remove tumors in the ear that cause hearing loss.


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