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Preventable Cancer Linked to Poor Diet

May 2019

Researchers wanted to look for links between diet and cancer in a large pool of people. The study, published in JNCI Cancer Spectrum, estimated that 80,110 new cancer cases (5.2%) in the United States in 2015 were associated with poor diet.

HIV Treatment Eliminates Risk of Spreading the Virus

April 2019

Researchers wanted to see if antiretroviral medicine could reduce the risk of passing HIV to a sexual partner. A study published in Lancet, found that the risk of passing on the HIV virus is completely eliminated by effective treatment of the HIV-infected partner with antiretroviral therapy.

Higher Consumption of Eggs Associated with Higher Risk of Heart Disease and Death

March 2019

In the last few years, some studies have suggested that foods high in cholesterol do not increase blood cholesterol in everyone. This study, published in JAMA, found that a higher intake of dietary cholesterol or eggs was linked to an increased risk of heart disease and early death.

Drinking Artificially Sweetened Beverages May Increase Stroke Risk

February 2019

Researchers wanted to look at the link between post-menopausal women who drink artificially sweetened beverages (ASB) and stroke, coronary artery disease, and all-cause mortality. The study, published in Stroke, found that a higher intake of ASB was linked to an increased risk of all three.

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