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Tips to Help You Stop Smoking

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Smoking brings thousands of toxins into the body. It is no surprise that it increases the risk of many cancers, heart disease, and stroke. So quitting is one of the best things you can do for your health. You may have also found that smoking makes your clothes, hair, home, or car smell. It may interrupt your workdays or social outings for a cigarette break. Cigarette smoke is also a hazard for those around you. Secondhand smoke increases the risk of illnesses around you, even if they don't smoke.

Whatever the reason, you are thinking about quitting smoking. Whether this is your first attempt or not, the following steps can help you get started on the right foot.

Here’s How

Once you’ve decided to quit smoking, set your target quit date. Make it a few weeks away. In the time leading up to your quit day, try some of these ideas to help you quit successfully.

Some may feel comfortable quitting on their own. Talk to your doctor if you are looking for tools that can help. Options include nicotine gum, patches, or inhaler, or medicine. Some may need a prescription but many are available over-the-counter. Here are some other steps that may help:

Switch Brands

Cut Down the Number of Cigarettes You Smoke

Remember: Cutting down can help you quit. It is no substitute for quitting. If you are at 7 cigarettes a day, it's time to set your target quit date.

Don't Smoke "Automatically"

Make Smoking Inconvenient

Make Smoking Unpleasant

Just Before Quitting

On the Day You Quit

Telephone and Internet Support

Telephone and web-based programs can offer you the support that you need to quit and to stay smoke-free. You can find many programs online.

Immediately After Quitting


National Cancer Institute

Tobacco Information and Prevention Source (TIPS)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

United States Department of Health and Human Services
1-800 Quit-Now


Canadian Cancer Society

The Lung Association


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