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Reducing Your Risk of Chickenpox

These steps may lower a person's risk of getting chickenpox:

  • Stay away from people who have chickenpox.
  • Get the chickenpox vaccine.

Chickenpox Vaccine

The chickenpox vaccine is a series of 2 shots. It is often given to children at ages:

  • 12-15 months
  • 4-6 years

This may also be given to adults. It may be needed for those who never had chickenpox and were never vaccinated.

It may also be given within 3 to 5 days of being exposed to someone with chickenpox. It may be needed for those who never had chickenpox and were never vaccinated.

Immune Globulin

This is a blood product that has antibodies to the chickenpox virus. It may be given within 96 hours to a person who has been exposed to chickenpox who:

  • Has a weakened immune system
  • Is pregnant
  • Was born to a mother who has chickenpox

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