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Eating Healthy While on a Cruise

The mere mention of taking a cruise elicits images of lavish meals, endless buffets, and tall, frosty beverages. And with early breakfasts and midnight buffets, you can eat around the clock. In most cases, the cost of food is included in your payment for the cruise, so you will never see a price—essentially, the caviar is free! So is the chocolate croissant, and the filet mignon, and the fettuccine Alfredo, and the crème brulee, and...

So you see how easy it is to overeat on a cruise. Even the best low-calorie, small-portion intentions can go awry when—at 2 AM—you are encouraged to nibble on wedges of sea creature-shaped cheese and olives stuffed with lobster. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the fare on your cruise without feeling deprived or oversized by the time you disembark.

Breakdown the Buffet

Cruise ship buffet tables often look like works of art, making it very difficult to pass up their offerings. Try some of these strategies to breakdown the buffet.

Order Smart

As in any restaurant, knowing your way around a menu can help you make more healthful selections.

Drink Responsibly

Beverages can pack quite a caloric punch, too.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Do not just consume calories, burn some too. There are many great options for exercise on a cruise.

Enjoy Yourself

Be sure to relax and enjoy yourself. If you do come home with a few extra pounds, you can apply these same tips to your daily life to develop a healthful lifestyle.


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