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Massage Therapy: The Power of Touch

How It Works

messageThe power of touch is not fully understood. Massage can help the muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels, and much more. Science isn't exactly sure what happens in the body during a massage. We do know that there aren't many risks from having one done.

Types of Massage

Here are the most common types:

What Studies Have Found

Research has found that massage helps pre-term babies. In studies, those who got massage gained more weight in 6 weeks. They were also more social and easy to soothe. Other studies have shown that massage can help help babies sleep. It can also lower the risk of breathing problems during sleep in babies born with low birth weight. Children and teens with chronic pain can also benefit from massage.

Massage has also been shown to ease pain after surgery. Other studies have found that it also eases problems such as low back pain, neck pain, migraines, and fibromyalagia.

Massage isn't always the answer. It may not be right for people with bleeding problems or those taking blood thinner. It should not be used on people with clots, broken bones, wounds, skin infections, or weak bones. People who have these problems should talk to their doctors before having massage. It is safe for most people, but it may cause pain even when done the right way.

How to Find a Therapist

You will want to choose a therapist who is licensed in your state. Massage therapists must have a license in most states. The American Massage Therapy Association has an online database that can help you find a therapist where you live.

Massage involves talent that goes beyond training, certification, or license. Some people are simply gifted with their hands. Also, a massage type that works for one person may not work for someone else. Trial and error is often needed to find the best massage therapist and massage type for you.


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